A contemporary development vision for the sustainability of charitable work

Al Ber Association launches its commercial investment project, which will be implemented on the land of the association’s headquarters in Al-Zahra district, with an area of 12500 square meters. Within the framework of the Society’s Board of Directors’ keenness to achieve financial sustainability that serves the Society’s programs and projects provided to needy families, orphans, patients with renal failure and others, In line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in enabling and sustaining charitable work and raising the efficiency of spending to facilitate business performance.
The project is characterized by integration and flexibility between its services and its rentable spaces, which benefit the target groups. By providing integrated services and containing yards, open areas and main corridors overlooked by commercial units. The spaces provided allow for sustainable events to be held in the outdoor courtyards.
The project consists of 48 commercial showrooms and 4 administrative offices and serves its visitors with 265 parking spaces. It includes two landing areas, an outdoor yard, a parking basement, an automatic bank, 3 elevators, 3 escalators, a prayer room, toilets, and 3 emergency exits.
The project will form an integrated urban fabric that will be a destination that combines shopping and entertainment. In a system of unique urban design that keeps pace with the latest contemporary engineering innovations.